Restaurant and Tourism Entrepreneur Seeks Work Experience: Looking for Foreign Unpaid Internship

Piia Matikainen is a self-employed entrepreneur. She runs two businesses: a restaurant and catering business in downtown Oulainen, and a rustic bed and breakfast motorsports resort about 10 km south of town.

Why Now?

”Sometimes, even though things are good, one needs to breathe new, fresh air. Variety is the spice of life!” , says Piia. ”Different corporate cultures are interesting, especially since I have previously traveled and worked overseas. I’m hoping to offer new insight for your business, but also to see what I can learn from the experience.”

Work Experience

Piia has had an award-winning and varied career, with over 20 years of experience in hospitality, transportation, medical, and restaurant work in Finland and the United States. She has worked not only for small, local businesses, but also for large corporate entities.

Piia wishes to assist mainly with restaurant and tourism jobs. Salary for this period is not required, but food and lodging should be arranged by the employer.

Time period is June 5th until June 15th, unless otherwise agreed.

How can you put Piia to work? Send your ideas!

Call and inquire about +358(0)400-693245 / Piia Matikainen or mail at

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