Welcome to Matikaisen Lomaparatiisi!

Matikaisen Lomaparatiisi offers different experiences among the car-raising. At our farm there is also a magical and traditional smoke sauna where it is fun to calm down after an eventful day. In the sauna there is room for 20 people. Accommodation including breakfast is available for about 50 persons. All dishes are home-made and they are prepared according to your wishes.
We arrange for example recreation- and meeting days, family gatherings, bride showers, weddings and get-togethers.
Contact us and we accomplish your event according to your wishes!

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Looking for a unique outing for your friends, family, company or organization? Whether you’re organizing a birthday, reunion or fun night out with family and friends, or providing clients or employees an enjoyable and exciting evening of entertainment, Matikaisen Lomaparatiisi provides an excellent way to do just that.
The raising packages include safety equipment (helmet, overalls, gloves), medals and champagne for the best drivers. Competent and experienced instructors help you and provide for the safety.
The raising packages last about 2,5 – 3 hours. The groups can be between 6 – 40 persons. The price is 115 € / pers.
The Jokkis –race has been the most popular race for a longer time now! Come, try and get charmed!


Testipäivä! Monet kisat on ajettu taas tälläkin vkoa. Tänään kisojen jälkeen omalla porukalla testattiin ja kellotettiin kaikki autot. Kaikille autoille Pasi sai saman ajan 1.04,50. Osalle ihan sekunnin sadasosa tarkkuudella saman.Martti ajoi viime syksynä kun kellotettiin juuri saman ajan.

Julkaissut Matikaisen Lomaparatiisi, paikka vauhdikkaalle autourheilulle 4. kesäkuuta 2016


Incar kamera

Incar kamera otantoa syksyltä C-finaalissa naiskuljettaja.

Julkaissut Matikaisen Lomaparatiisi, paikka vauhdikkaalle autourheilulle 26. tammikuuta 2016





Local Cuisin

Our meeting and dining rooms are very pleasant. It´s a pleasure to fill your stomach with traditional and tasty home-made food and it´s easy to sit around the big tables. We prepare all the dishes according to customer´s wishes and budget. The prices vary from 10 – 55 € depending on the service.

Sauna and accommodation


There is a magical smoke sauna at Lomaparatiisi. It provides a mystical ”löyly” – a combination of heat, steam and candle light. ”Löyly” in a smoke sauna is very gentle and soft, not dry at all. After the sauna you can sit by the fireplace and talk about the events of the day.
This package offers you a deep relaxation. The price is 250 € / group including washing products and towels.


For accommodation at Matikaisen Lomaparatiisi you can choose between rooms in the farm-house, in a cottage or in a granary.
There is room for about 50 people and the price is 35 € / person / day including breakfast and bedclothes.
Children under 12 at half price.